Industrial Pulley & V-Belt

Industrial Pulley

We are specialized in manufacturing various types of Industrial Pulleys. Our Company is a well-known of transmission component around the world. We offer standard range of Industrial Pulleys including V-Belt Pulley,Flat Belt Pulley,Drum Pulley,Taper Lock Pulley,Topper Cone Pulley,Split Pulley,Compressor V Groove Pulley,Heavy Flywheel V Groove Pulley,Split V Groove Pulley,etc. The Industrial Pulleys have dynamic balance and are in compliance with the international quality standards.We also provide services in designing of Mechanical Power Transmission special Industrial Pulleys as per customer’s specifications.



  • Corrosian Resistance
  • Dimensional
  • High Tensile


  • Size : 90-105 inch
  • Material : Grey Cast Iron,Aluminium
  • Thickness: 5-10mm
  • Application: Pulling
  • Grade: AS,ASME,BS,IBR
  • Surface Finishing: Non-Coated

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V - Belt

The V-Belts are made of rubber with fabric cords to transmit power and its covered with a protective layer. The cords transmit the force from the driver to the driven pulley, thereby transmit the power. The number of cords are increased based on the force requirements. The rubber layer transmits the force in cord to the side layers.

The V-Belts are transmission belts that transmit the force from the engine to the ancillary components. They are known as low-cost and efficient means for transmitting power to components like alternator, power steering, hydraulic pump, etc.

V- Belt Cross Section

There are different sizes of v belt cross sections named as A,B,C,D,E based on tje width of belts. These are standard sizes manufactured by the belt manufactured by the belt manufactures.

vbelt size chart1

V- Belts are preferred over Flat belts

V-Belts are preferred over flat belts the reasons follows:-

  1. Power transmitted is more due to wedging action in the grooved pulley.
  2. Higher velocity ratio (up to 10) can be obtained.
  3. V-belt drive is more compact,quite and shock absorbing.
  4. The drive positive because the slip is negligible.
  5. They are rugged-they will give years of trouble-free performance when given just reasonable attention even under adverse coditions.
  6. They are clean-require no lubrication.
  7. They are efficient-performing with an average of 94-98% efficiency.
  8. They are smooth starting and running.
  9.  They cover extremely wide horsepower ranges.
  10. They permit a wide range of driven speeds,using standard electric motors.
  11. They dampen Vibration between driving and driven machines.
  12. They aee quiet.
  13. They act as a “Safety fuse” in the power drive because they refuse to transmit a severe overload of power,except for a very brief time.
  14. V-belts and sheaves wear gradually-making preventive corrective maintenance simple and easy.

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