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The Preparation of jaggery involves; collection of juice by crushing canes, its filtration and concentration by open boiling, Cooling of concentrated juice followed by moulding, drying and  storage.

The juice boiling is the main unit operation in preparation of solid, liquid and granular form of jaggery. Traditionally open pan boiling is being practiced by the jaggery producers which consume time as well as energy.

Also the entire process is unhygienic as boiling of juice is carried out with direct burning of bagasse in open grate furnace.

The combustion and heat utilization efficiency of commonly used furbnace by the farmers is a low as 20% and consume high quantum of bagasse.

Also,the quality of the jaggery is highly affected with smoke and contamination with ash particles,not suitable for export.

The steam boiling system for the boiling of sugarcane juice during the preparation of
jaggery was developed at AICRP on PHET, Regional Agricultural Research Station, Anakapalle
consists of 500 kg juice capacity stainless steel (SS 304 grade) steam jacketed pan provided with
glass wool insulation and tilt mechanism. The boiler and steam jacketed pan are connected through
steam lines, used for the preparation of 80 kg jaggery per batch of 2.5 hrs. The whole system could
be used for the production of 320.0 kg jaggery in a day and reduces the boiling time by 20% as
compared to farmer’s practice of traditional boiling (240 kg jaggery in a day). Also it produces export
quality jaggery with golden yellow colour.

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