Double mill six roller sugar cane crusher with reduction gearbox

Double mill six roller sugar cane crusher with reduction gearbox:

Indian Engineering is one of the foremost sugar cane crushing mill manufactured offering mills for extracting juice from cane by a series of suitably designed grooved rollers. The cane is feed between the rollers for proper crushing and extracting the juice.

Varid individual mills are put together in a series to develop a milling as per the different efficiency and capacity in suitable sizes. The rollers are designed with circumferential V-grooving to ensure efficient and constant crushing action. Each sugar roller is fitted with cast steel crown pinion to ensure efficient transmission of power from the gear reducer. A four roller mill comes with under feed pusher roller to ensure high extraction by pushing action against the rollers. The under feed pusher roller is handled by top roller through gears for maintaining 10% higher surface speed than the mill roller surface speed.


Sugarcane Crushers And mill Tandens :-

The sugarcane stalks are properly feed to the main sugarcane carrier to chop into fibers. Their then passes through a modern fiberizer that minces the sugarcane into fine fibers and sends them to below placed belt conveyor to carry them to the feed rake carrier. 

This carrier conveys the chopped sugarcane fibers to the mill through chute located before the first mill,the bagasse goes to the succeeding mills for extracting the juice through different inter rake carrier And chute. The final bagasse is discharged to  an appropriate bagasse carrier to be used as cattle feed boiler fuel etc.

Specifications :-

  • Automation Grade : Automatic
  • Motor Power : 40 HP + 40 HP
  • Roller Length : 355.6mm
  • Roller Diameter : 355.6mm
  • Coupling RPM : 6.5RPM
  • Cane Crushing Capacity : 100 TCD
  • Usage And Application :
  • Sugar Cane Crushing
  • Types of end use : Jaggery Plant And Sugar plant
  • Machine body material : Mild steel 
  • Roller Material : Cast Iron
  • Number of Rollers : Six Rollers 
  • Feature of Machine : Horizontal Rolling

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